Gietpoeder Raysin 200 wit

€ 7,70

Gietpoeder Raysin 200, zak 1 kg, wit

Met deze poeder kan je aan de slag voor al je DIY projectjes (in combinatie met een mal) 

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• Raysin is a pure white casting compound providing an ultra-matt surface with a smooth visual effect
• Air-hardening, odourless and food-safe
• Suitable for casting moulds made of plastic (PET, LDPE etc.), latex, silicone and rubber
• The cast item can be demoulded after about 30 minutes, completely dry after a few days (depending on the size of the casting)

• Raysin 200: high tensile strength (200 N/mm²), perfect for larger castings such as embossed items, figurines, decorative tiles,tesserae and ornaments

Raysin 200 ca. 200 N/qm. The moulding mass of high quality is ideal for reliefs, figures, tiles, mosaics, decorative plates, ornaments e.g. A very good product with a smooth surface, ideal for the pretentious hobbyist.